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How to Prepare For Your Family Photo Session



Talk to your children about the session

When you mention Hafa to your children talk about her as a friend, not just a photographer. This helps kids feel more comfortable when they are interacting with me on the day of the session. Like us, children feel more comfortable when they know what to expect in a new situation. Let them know how excited you are about the photoshoot and how special and important it is to you. Besides that, also let them know what you expect of them during this time. Many families think of a gift beforehand to give after the session, something fun like an ice cream for example, if they are good listeners.


What to expect

Children’s disposition for the session lasts around 1 to 1.5 hours. Therefore, we will start with the family portraits in the beginning of the session because everyone is still looking nice and willing to take photos.



After we take the classic photos where children are looking at the camera, let them be free. If we are outside, I start to take photos of the couple while children play and then I photograph them playing freely. After that, I chase them as a fun game in order to get more spontaneous smiles.



What to bring

Snacks and water.

Fully belly = Happy child. Children consume a lot of energy during the photoshoot because I play a lot with them. It is natural that they feel thirsty or hungry after or during the shoot.


Favorite Toy. Bring a toy in case they get tired and want to be entertained. It is also nice to photograph the child’s favorite toy at that age. Taking a ball or a Frisbee for the whole family to play in the park can also create beautiful memories of these moments.



Always choose what is comfortable. Of course, it is nice to see children well-dressed but very tight clothes or clothes with many accessories might cause the child to be irritated and we are taking a chance of ruining the mood for the session. Try to find the balance between what is beautiful with what is practical.

It is also recommended to take extra clothes in case they get dirty.

Bring a coat. Calgary’s weather is unpredictable between fall and spring therefore, I recommend you to always bring a jacket. (I had an outside photoshoot that was almost canceled because one of the boys was wearing short sleeves and the temperature went from 10 to 4 degrees in one hour)


How is a Cupclick experience like?


At the meeting before the photoshoot, I ask children who is going to be my assistant on the day of the session.

I have stuffed animals that I put on my camera in order to help me photograph families. Children choose who comes for the photoshoot: Juju, the Owl; Blue, the Chicken; Caco, the Monkey; Fafa, the Giraffe or Froggie, the frog. They love to be part of the choice!



During the photoshoot, the family’s job is to live the moment and have fun while mine is to capture that special moment. Will you have posed photos for portraits? Yes! But believe me, the best photos are the ones that are spontaneous, which show the real connection and love between those people. 






Nothing needs to be perfect. I’m capturing your family just as you are at this point in time 😉


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