A Good Photo is a Printed One!


That’s exactly what you just read: a good photo is a printed photo!

How many pictures do you have from your childhood?

Some, I suppose. And even though you were born in a family with photographers, or if your parents valued capturing the family’s good moments, I bet that you don’t have as many pictures as your small child already has.

Kids are our best parameter to notice how time flies. And the amount of changes and phases presented at early childhood, makes it almost an obligation for the parents to capture every moment!

The first smile, the first tooth, the first baby food… there are some many “firsts”! Just stop and think about this: how many times did you open your cellphone photo gallery to show that picture of your kid walking for the first time to someone? And where do you find those pictures? Sometimes you have to spend hours trying to find one photo between 4 thousand images inside your computer or cellphone.

It is so nice to get the family together around the couch and take a look at the photo albums. Right there, printed on a piece of paper, sliding your fingers through them and making that an amazing moment, by REVIVING all those moments and good memories. And it’s even better when the kids already recognize themselves in the pictures.

Print your photos. A good photo is a printed one!


Do you want to see the kid’s reactions seeing their pictures? Check those cutest out on the following videos <3:


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