4 tips for photographing your little ones who doesn’t like photos

4 tips for photographing your little ones who doesn’t like photos


We all know that not everyone likes taking pictures. And this also happens to some kids, mainly between two and four-years-old. At those ages, the child is passing through a phase where they choose what they want and when they want something to happen. Beyond that, a more introverted child is still figuring out how to deal with shyness.

So here are some tips that will make your little ones pictures more natural and fun:


1. Don’t make a big deal of it

Taking a picture doesn’t need to be a stressful moment. Just leave the kid free for expressing themselves. A playtime can be a good occasion. Just point your camera to the child, having the photo angle already thought of. Then subtly call the kid for the photo saying something like: “you are so cute playing there, what about mommy capture this moment?”. Click!


2. Give them the power of choice

Suggest an activity that will make them be the author of that idea: “Do you know what we could do to take a funny picture?”


3. Make the photo time a fun time

“Let’s play a game called ‘angry or happy’: when I say ‘angry’ you make an angry face, if I say ‘happy’ you will give me a big smile. Ready, set, go!”


4. When taking a trip

If the family is on vacation or have nice scenario to capture and the little one just won’t collaborate for the photo:

“What was your favorite spot from the park?” Then ask the kid why that place was chosen, and keep capturing photos while he or she speaks. When the child is comfortable enough, ask them to take a picture at their favorite spot. Kids likes being part of the decision.

Are you in a nice place to capture the moment?

Show the kid why that place, or monument is nice, say that you will take a picture of that beautiful place, and invite them to be a part of it.

5. If there is no way for the kid to smile for a picture

Well, despite we are always wishing for joy, life isn’t just about smiling, right? If your little one is moody, pouting and grimacing, take a picture anyway!

At another moment show it to him or her saying something like “look at your face in this picture, were you angry? I think you look better when you smile, you know?”. This can make them rethink about it and smile on a next time. Besides that, frowning, scowling, and glaring face photos, will guarantee good laughs when revisiting those pictures in the future.

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