Milestones: When should you photograph your baby?

Milestones: When should you photograph your baby?


This amazing website Baby Palooza gives ALL the first-year milestones–when your little one starts seeing colors when they start to smile when to start solids and everything.

As a baby photographer, I’m talking about capturing the milestones that really show the growth of your little one. I love photographing babies somewhere around three to four months old when they can hold their heads up unassisted and are able to give me lovely smiles. Around six to seven months, they can sit up already. At nine months they are so curious and adorable and at twelve months is when we celebrate their first birthday.


With Cupclick Baby Milestones Bundle Sessions, we also take one photo each session with the baby wearing the same PJ. This way we clearly see how much the baby has changed throughout the first year of life. The result is incredible, check it out:

Look how much he changed! Isn’t it AMAZING to capture that! 


Baby Milestones Bundle Sessions


During the first year of life, your little one grows and changes so much. It’s important to document all their achievements! 

I go to your place to take the best photos of your baby in their safe space, capturing your reality and proving that it’s beautiful! 


For you: Home: The best place to photograph your life.



The important milestones are: 

3-4 months, when they smile easily and can steadily hold their head up

6-7 months, when they try solid food and can sit by themselves  

9 months, when baby crawls around and stands holding onto a prop

12 months, when they are possibly walking and It’s 1 year old, babe! We can celebrate their bday with a CAKE SMASH


If you’re looking for Baby Milestone Photo shoot in Calgary, get in touch with me at 587 429-2684 or . It’s going to me a pleasure to document this chapter of your family







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