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When you think of a family photoshoot in Calgary, what comes to your mind?

Most people would think of a photo studio, dressing up kids and parents, and practicing the cheese-smile. But I’m here to show you that a family photo shooting session can be relaxed, cheerful, and fun in a personal and meaningful scenario: in your home.


Three reasons why to embrace this trend and have your family photo shoot in your home:

              1 – Telling your story: A family picture taken in a studio can be beautiful, but how much of that place tells your family story? Usually, when we go to a studio, the props provided will tell more of the photographer’s style than the style of the family being photographed.


More than a family picture, a photograph can tell a story: your story.


For that reason, Cupclick values a photograph taken at home very much, or even at your favorite place in town, or at the playground you usually take your kids to play. That place tells a chapter in your story that will be remembered and regarded through generations.


              2 – It’s much easier to photograph at home.

Think of a family with a 3-year-old kid, a 6-month-old baby, and a dog. Can you imagine how much stuff you need to prepare, pack, and take to a studio with you? Yet, everyone feels at ease at home, and the kids feel safe in their safe place.

Believe me: it makes a real difference in the convenience and the outcome.

Calgary Family Photographer


              3 – Less stress for everyone

At home, pets can participate in the photo shooting (what is also possible to happen in a studio, but have you thought of taking your kids and the dog to an unknown and closed environment and expecting to get beautiful pictures in such a stressful environment? )


After all the considerations, we can conclude that a family shooting does not need to be draining or exhausting. With Cupclick Children Photography, we will take photographs of the whole family with spontaneous smiles. We will also capture your real life, not only for yourself but most importantly for your children, so that they will be able to value these photographs in the future.


Do you want memorable photos for your family to cherish in the future? Send us a message!

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