Waiting for Louise – Maternity Session at Lake Louise, Alberta

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I always say that I offer my clients an experience more than a photo shoot. And today’s experience will be a freezing adventure!

Click Play because you’ll listen to British rock while you read this post. It’s a song played by a band that I love, and that Bruna and Tom do too 🙂


Have you ever thought of doing your maternity session under  – 39ºc? ❄️

Well, I had never thought that I would find a mom-to-be willing to face the intense cold of this last December, but not only did Bruna agree to it, but she also looked beautiful and in a state of plenitude in the photos!


If we had a choice, we wouldn’t do a session on a day as cold as that. Still, there weren’t many options: Bruna was 36 weeks pregnant, her partner Tom stays away for so many days because of work and would need to travel right after Christmas, so Bruna managed to take a day off that would meet Tom’s schedule, what left them with no options other than that cold winter day.  


I was apprehensive about Bruna’s health under such intense cold, but she said it wouldn’t be a problem. And she rocked it! It’s not easy to withstand the cold temperature and still pose naturally for the photos, but she surprised us all and looked like Elsa from Frozen! Beautiful and radiant in the cold!


We spent about 40 minutes at Lake Louise to get the best photos ever. We went to the lake because the baby Bruna is expecting is a girl and she will be named Louise, precisely because of the lake’s name, one of Bruna’s favorite places on Earth. Pretty cool, huh?


Photos should be much more than portraits, but a way to revive memories.


After Lake Louise, the next stop was downtown Banff to grab a coffee, warm-up, and finish the session at Lake Minnewanka.

I’m still impressed with the courage we had to shoot on such a cold day and amazed with the outcome. It turned out fantastic!

Bruna, Tom, thank you for trusting me and for the day we spent together. Louise will be thrilled in this family.


Here’s the selection of photos I’ve prepared for you:



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