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Hi, people!

Today will be the last Baby Milestone Photography session of Miguel Filipe‘s first year!

I’m very happy to think about the honor in taking part of the first months of each baby, but when they get to one year old, it’s a mix of joy and sadness because the Baby Milestone Photography sessions are coming to an end. 🙁

But we complete M.F. Baby Milestone sessions in style! It’s known that babies, as the months pass along, get friendlier to the camera. But this session was awesome! In this day, Miguel Filipe saw the sea for the first time. His interaction with the deep blue vastness (which got grayer as the clouds came by lol) and with my lens was simply beautiful!


His little fear of the water and his passion for the sands, people! WONDERFUL! <3

I greatly thank Joanita and Roger for allowing me to take part of their first year as a family. It was an honor to me. 🙂

Check out my selection. Everything I talked about is perfectly represented in these images:

And, finally, the result of his growth in this last year. 🙂


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Portuguese to English translation by Carlos Eduardo Corrales.

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