Marcos, 3 month – Baby’s First Memories Photography, Calgary AB

Marcos, 3 month – Baby’s Milestones, Baby Photographer in Calgary AB


This is the second session for Marcos‘ First Memories Package.

Now he is 3 months old. What a smart and smiley boy!

It is so nice to compare the photos from the first session with these ones to see how babies change fast.

From their first breath to their first step
In one year, this little and fragile baby will crawl, will smile to mommy and daddy, clapping those little hands when a song is playing. All these steps are so magical and time goes by so fast… Wouldn’t it be awesome to capture every stage of your child’s development? Click here to see more and ask for a quote


Check out the selection I made for you to see baby Marcos with 3 months old:

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