Connor, 6 month – Baby Milestone Session, Calgary

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It’s time to see new pictures of this smiley baby: Connor!


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He is 6 months old now (time f-l-i-e-s!) and for this post, I am gonna show many “new things” that are going on in this family:

    • They moved to a house now. Connor has his nursery done, just the way mommy has dreamed!
    • Connor was introduced to solid foods now and he loves everything!
    • He is training to sit by himself but he doesn’t like sitting at all. His favorite position is either standing or lying down (it’s funny to see him slip when we try to sit him down)
    • It’s reading time! Mommy and daddy read to Connor every day and he loves the experience.

I can’t wait to photograph this cute baby again when he turns 9 months old!


Connor’s parents made a great decision to capture in pictures the main milestones during his first year. I go to their place every 3 months to photograph this cute little baby in the place where they do life. These memories are priceless! To know more about Baby’s Milestones bundle session, click here.



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