Why do parents now hire lifestyle professionals to photograph their kids?

Parents are now hiring lifestyle photographers to photograph their children.


Having kids is a great moment in life and something to honor! Let’s be honest: these cuties bring so much joy to the whole family! Seeing their developmental milestones, like first steps, first words, first laugh, is something that everyone would like to remember forever, and here is where Lifestyle Photographers come into play.


A Lifestyle Photographer in Calgary, for example, will help you not only to keep these memories, but also will avoid all the stress that may arise when we think of having professional pictures of our kids taken. 


Reasons to hire a lifestyle photographer to capture your family moments:


1 – Telling your story in the comfort of your home

A lifestyle professional is very much connected to the way people enjoy their lives and they understand that our homes are the best background for kids to be photographed. A Lifestyle photographer will not demand that you drive your baby to a studio. Much on the contrary, this professional will photograph your baby of grown up kids in the comfort of your home, where you do life.


2 – It’s so much easier to photograph at home

Getting ready to go out for a photoshoot can be exhausting. When you choose to have your baby photographed in your home, there is no unnecessary food preparation, no need to pack a bag with all the little toys, different sets of clothes, change of diapers, nothing that may make you already exhausted just by working out the logistics of that. 

And the pictures will turn out great, I promise you:

3 –  Less stress for your children

Your family is unique, and your home already tells a beautiful story by the way it is decorated, the cozy environment, and this place will be way less stressful for the little one to be in when being photographed. 

4 – Pets are family

How about pets? They are part of the family, and they need to be portrayed as well. The way they interact with the new family member in their own environment needs to be remembered, too. 

5 –  Your reality is beautiful!

Real life is beautiful and must be enjoyed and celebrated! Nothing is more real than the days lived, and the moments shared with our families in our homes! Home is a special places for us and will be much more special for the next generations to come. I’m sure kids will love to see these pictures when they grow up! 


I am Hafa and with Cupclick Children Photography, I have been telling people’s stories since 2013 and you will not regret to consider taking your family photos at home, or even at a special spot in the city. Whatever makes you more comfortable and fits your lifestyle will be embraced by her and your pictures will tell your family’s story in a memorable way  


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