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How to prepare for your Lifestyle Newborn Session


Newborn photos are the perfect translation of cuteness, aren’t they? Those tiny little hands and feet, the little clothes… pure joy! But with all the demand in the first few days, leaving the house to take pictures of the newborn can be difficult. Guess what? You don’t have to.

With Cupclick, you will have the baby’s first days properly portrayed in their comfortable home. No stress, a lot of tranquility, and respect for this magical moment guaranteed!

1) When to book

Start planning the session while pregnant, between 26 and 32 months of pregnancy. Even if we are not sure when the baby will be born, we already put the forecast on my agenda;

Once the baby is born, the parents get in touch, and we schedule between 5 and 15 days of life.

The coolest thing about the Lifestyle session is we respect the baby’s natural movements and prioritize positions in which he feels naturally comfortable. A lifestyle session is less stressful for the whole family and the result is of high quality and delicacy. Knowing it’s an overwhelming time for the family, they can schedule the session when the baby is up to 45 days old.

2) Where are we going to photograph?

We will use the rooms that are available, preferably the rooms with more windows and natural light. In the first few weeks of a baby’s life, I know it’s hard to keep up with house chores, and you don’t need to. There is no need to have a shiny tidy house, you can have beautiful photos regardless; I usually photograph in the master bedroom, nursery, and living room.

3) Getting dressed

The baby is tiny and is in the spotlight, so I always recommend parents to wear neutral clothes. Same for older siblings. White tank tops or light blue with jeans and bare feet are perfect.

The mother should wear a top that makes her feel good and also can make breastfeeding easier. A solid colour bodysuit and a white bodysuit make the photos look perfect and timeless.

4) Relax and leave with it to Hafa.

The idea is to do a light shoot, that’s why we’re going to shoot in the most comfortable place of all: at home. It’s at home that you can be you, and my mission is to capture the beauty of these days.

Now that you know more about the newborn lifestyle session, let’s save your baby’s first days’ memories. Send us a message to check on our pricing.

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