Waiting for Julia – Maternity Photographer in Calgary

The Sweet Wait for Julia, Pregnancy Photoshoot, Calgary AB


Hello, Hello!

Today I am gonna show you some beautiful pictures of this family with cats

Naiara and Daniel are expecting Julia and we had a lovely photo shoot at two special locations:

The first one, of course, is the best place on Earth: Home. Their safe space so they could also have their cats, Thor and Pepper, in the photoshoot.

The second location was in Banff. Naiara and Daniel used to live in Winnipeg before moving to Calgary and Banff was always a special place for them. Moving to YYC was also motivated by being closer to Banff. So OF COURSE, we went there to shoot this special stage of their lives



Why do you “need” an In-home Photo Session? 

      1 – Because Home is the place you’ve chosen to spend the most important hours and minutes of your days, with people who matter the most.

      2 – You can include your pets. Of course, you could also bring them for a session outside, but let’s talk honestly, it’s not a simple task to manage your kids AND pets and take them for a studio or an outdoor session. Plus, not all animals like to be out of their safe space, like cats and birds.

      3 – The weather doesn’t matter! For this session, we also shoot outside but if we had bad weather, it wouldn’t be a problem! Just check the indoor pictures below to agree with me!



We spent time at home, chatting, playing with the cats, and enjoying Julia’s nursery – by the way, all the decoration was made by mom and dad (how lovely!).

Oh, Naiara has been craving beer lately, so I had to take a picture of Mom having one! (Alcohol-free beer, okay? )

After that, we headed to Banff and took gorgeous photos in the snow ❄️ It was so much fun!

Naiara, Daniel, thank you so much for trusting me to capture such a magical moment in your lives. Julia is so lucky to be born in your family!


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I Want a light and comfy session like this!

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