Waiting for Connor – Maternity session, Moraine Lake Banff – AB

Waiting for Connor, Maternity Photo Shoot – Calgary Photographer AB


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Haquila and Murillo are expecting Connor. This little bundle of love is coming to bring even more light and love into their lives.

Usually my clients become my friends, but with these two it was the other way around 🙂
We live in the same building and as we have no family members living close to us, we are always ready to help each other. So definitely, Connor will bring joy for us all!

We spent the day in Banff, capturing their love in gorgeous pictures that I am going to show you below.

Haquila, Murillo, before you check out the photos, I just want to say how special you are to me and I wish you all the very best. May Connor be the greatest joy in your lives and you can count on me for whatever it takes.

Ok, now you can check this full-of-love-photos


If you want beautiful pictures of this special moment of your life in Banff, just message me! I am sure it’s gonna be unforgettable! ☺️



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