Waiting for Alice – Maternity Photography – Calgary AB

Waiting for Alice – Maternity Photography, Calgary AB


Oh, how sweet it is the experience of photographing a family of three that is expecting another member!

The first baby I had the chance to participate on his development as a photographer was Mark, and today I capture him as a big brother to be, full of love and affection for his little sister.

Along with a lot of fun, in a sunny afternoon at the end of fall, we captured the expectation of Alice’s coming. A baby girl that is already packed with love and affection from this so dear family.

Liri, George and Mark, thank you for the opportunity of capturing this beautiful love you have. <3

I can’t wait to photograph your Alice!

Check out my favorite pics for this post (it was a hard choice!):

If you are looking for a Maternity photographer just send me an email, contact@cupclickphoto.com or call 587 429-2684.    

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