Vini turned 3 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB

Vini turned 3 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB


Yay! It finally came the day for me to post the photos of this beloved boy’s birthday party!

Vinicius is the sweetest kid and I am glad I had the chance do know. Moreover, I could capture his third birthday, together with his family and close friends.

It was a cloudy afternoon (with no rain, hooray!) yet it was so colorful and covered with joy of this little one, who haven’t stopped even for a second! He enjoyed every single moment and oh, how excited he was when everyone started to sing Happy Birthday for him!

Thank you Karime and Marcus for trusting me.

Your family is so dear, and I am so happy on having the chance to capture all those good memories, so you and Vini can revisit all your birthday photos in Calgary, as years pass by

Enjoy the selection I made for you:

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