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How about some tips for your Maternity Session to be Perfect?


Many moms-to-be who are eager to take pictures of their sweet waiting, ask me for some tips to make the session perfect. I always schedule a meeting with my clients before the session to guide them on wardrobe, hair, and makeup or any other questions that the family may have.

But I think it’s cool to post here on the blog some tips to help you prepare for the Maternity Photoshoot.

Let’s go!


1. What to wear for a Maternity Session?

I suggest dresses and clothes that you feel comfortable in. You are carrying a baby, so it is important that you are comfy.

In terms of colors, earthy and neutral tones, black or white are great color options that will help highlight the star of the photoshoot: you.


2. Makeup

Nudes and basic tones are great. What should stand out in the photos are your emotions.


3. Where is the best place for your Maternity Photoshoot?

a) In a special spot in the city: That place that has meaning for your family.

Maternity photoshoot Calgary
Banff is a special place for Naiara and Daniel. They took a photo in this same spot in the Summer of 2018, now we took this photo, this time with Julia in her belly


The chapel where they got married


Their favorite beach


b) The best place to create memories: At home. 

At home: at the nursery


c) Or we can venture into nature or a park where you always wanted to go but didn’t have a chance yet. Maybe we are about to make this location a meaningful place for you. There are many options here, but if you still have questions about the location, don’t worry. We will talk in advance and I will help you with that.


“I don’t know how to pose”, “my husband is shy”


Part of the Cupclick Experience is to treat your session in a light and natural way. I don’t force poses. On the day of the session, we will talk, laugh and enjoy the moment.

The photos should be the result of a fun and enjoyable day.


This is a Unique Moment

For you and your baby, who will be very happy to be able to see these pictures in the future.

By hiring a professional, you will have quality photos and a lot of love involved in these images .

Believe me, you will not regret doing this. You will regret it if you don’t.

Let’s talk! I will love to capture this chapter of your story.

P.S: If you´re not pregnant send this to that friend of yours who is!

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