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Hi, guys! How are you?

Time never stops! Life around here is madness, so it’s been a while that we’ve had a post around here.

So today we’ll have a double duty: two sessions of Miguel Filipe‘s Baby Milestone Photography.

He is so cute, and growing a lot! At 9 months, we’ve had our first outdoor session. Even in this rainy weather, we were able to go to the Zoo and take some pictures of him exploring the place. It was pretty fun!

In the 10 months photoshoot, we also went out around town, since rain had stopped. This session was great!

Miguel is in the “making faces” phase, which I love! He was such a young man walking around holding his parent’s hands and enjoying the scenery (including the supermarket! lol).

Check out my selection of the 9 and 10 months photoshoots of this handsome guy:

9 months – Trip to the Zoo


10 months – Little Miguel around town 🙂


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Portuguese to English translation by Carlos Eduardo Corrales.

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