Mathi, Nik and Skye – Family Winter Session with pets, Calgary AB

Family with Pets – Dog Photographer in Calgary AB



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Today I will present to you this beautiful family

They don’t have children yet but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a beautiful family. Skye is the most adorable bulldog terrier I’ve ever met. Mathilde, Nikolas and Skye recently moved into a new house and this is a perfect reason for a photoshoot!

It’s time to take gorgeous photos to frame and hang all over the house!

Oh, and this is the very first Mathilde’s Photoshoot! So we put Guardians of the Galaxy’s soundtrack vinyl to play while they get comfortable.


In-home photo sessions give you the freedom to be in your safe space, where you feel at ease, resulting in candid photos of your reality. This is Lifestyle photography: Authentic photos that tell your story


First, we took a few pictures to capture the moments they usually have together: Playing with Skye, reading Harry Potter (Mathi just started The Prisoner of Askaban!), chilling out in their cozy living room.

After that, we went to a park nearby where they always take Skye for a walk. 

It was so much fun!

Mathi, Nik, I loved spending the afternoon with you guys and the outcome was great: Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

Thank you so much for trusting me in capturing these moments of you and immortalize them in priceless photographs.

Take a look at the gallery I prepared for this post:

Tell me in the Comment Section what do you think! I would love to know what was your favorite picture!



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