Marcos, 7 month – Baby’s First Memories Photography, Calgary

Marcos, 7 month – Baby Photographer in Calgary – AB


Marcos is in the house again, guys!

I always say that the “Baby’s First Memories” sessions only get better over time ☺️. This time, his main milestones were sitting by himself and eating baby food and everything was photographed properly .

In the middle of June we took some pics of this cutie with typical June party costumes.

In Brazil, St. John’s Day (June 24th) is a very festive date.

Party with good food as popcorn , baked corn , Paçoca (a candy made of peanuts and sugar), quentão (a beverage made of wine, ginger and Brazilian cachaça). Everybody dresses like countrymen and celebrate the good harvest around a campfire . People dance in circles to accordion songs. Children dressed like little settlers with straw hats are so cute! Hooray Saint John!

Oh and We also photographed Marcos’ first World Cup ! He was dressed in green and yellow outfits . HE IS SO CUTE (Marcos loved the ball by the way. Who knows he is a future ace! ⚽️ )

Check out these lovely photos of this cute baby:


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