Manu turned 4! Pajama party – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB

Manu turned 4! Pajama Party – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB


Hello everyone!

Today we have some b-day party pics! Manu’s unicorn-pajamas-birthday-party, that she expected so much and tough of every detail of it

It’s the celebration of having Manuela in this world for four years. A sweetheart child, with a strong personality that I had the chance to watch grow up since she was a little baby. How lovely it is for me to watch those kids growing up. And the affection we have for them also grows.

The party had the most enjoyable schedule, specially set up by Manu’s mommy . There were unicorn make up, games, karaoke, storytelling and a Little Red Riding Hood play, a theatrical improvisation, where the actresses were the girls!

It was quite a party (right Ju and Marcos? ) and I’m sure it will be forever in Manu’s and her friend’s memories.

Those pictures will keep alive all the party moments and everything it took to make this party perfect: the decoration, the laughing, all the fun, and the girls friendship.

My biggest tip is: ALWAYS capture those moments! If you can’t do it with a professional photographer, just take pictures with your smartphone. Remember to print the photos and keep those memories. Pictures lasts a lifetime

Check out my photo selection:

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