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Come and meet Levi!

Here is another Newborn Lifestyle session that I’m going to show you today:

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If a house with two children already overflows with joy, can you imagine what it feels like with the arrival of another baby?

Sarah and Joel were already looking forward to the arrival of their little brother. I love how curious they feel about the newborn and, at the same time, the care and affection they show to Levi. It’s something beautiful to see, photograph, and remember forever. And that’s why I went there.


Photographing at home is very special because it goes beyond taking photos of the new baby. In a lifestyle photo session in Calgary, we captured the mix of emotions that the family is experiencing.


This is a new chapter in the story of those people: A newborn at home, sleepless nights, the other children excited about the new baby and trying to adjust to a new routine, all of this being captured in photos so they can never forget this moment of their lives.

Levi behaved like a prince would do in this session. He enjoyed Joel’s and Sarah’s lap, nursed and slept peacefully while I photographed every little detail of his expressions.

It was a cold December afternoon outside, but inside, I felt warm with all the love that emanated from this family. 

Thank you, Aline and Daniel, for the trust you placed in me and in my work. I loved all the time we spent together in this session while I was capturing all these meaningful moments of your family.



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