Lara turned 4 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB

Lara turned 4 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB


An enchanted and fun party. Celebrating Lara’s fourth birthday!

If you haven’t saw it yet, click here to check out when this cutie pie turned 3!

It was such an important event that Lara even wrote a letter to Cinderella, and she came as soon as she knew about the party! It was such an adventure for Cinderella, having to cross her kingdom, the Enchanted Forest, and reaching some dragons on her way. However, none of this was an obstacle for her, who came full of joy to Lara’s party. It was such an important occasion, that Cinderella even crowned the birthday girl, declaring her a real princess

Lara is each day more and more spontaneous, lovable, and full of joy!

Check out some photos I selected to tell this story: Lara’s Enchanted Kingdom (feat Cinderella lol):

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