José turned 7! – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB

José turned 7! – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB


Whoa! I can’t believe I’ve been photographing kids for five years already! When I stop to think about it, I have mixed feelings of chills, disbelief, and pride for being in this field. I notice that every single day and every single session I’m enjoying it even more and getting better, by improving my abilities.

So, Jose. When I begun photographing birthday parties, this little guy was there. At the time, he was only a 3-year-old. But full of energy together with that captivating smile that he keeps giving away nowadays.

I got plenty of joy for every single person who have passed through my life and who I had the chance to capture. But I must confess that the first families I had the luck to photograph, have a special place inside my heart. I have no words to say how thankful I am.

And here we have Jose, a big boy now, so lively and celebrating his 7th birthday. What a sweet and dear boy he is becoming! Distributing affection to everyone around him (and he IS a great hugger lol).

Thank you again for trusting me, Sandro and Vladia. You two are so beloved, Jose couldn’t be different

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