Duda turned 4 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB

Duda turned 4 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB


Hello everyone! I really missed posting some photos around here!

And that’s why today we will have a huge post! lol

For those who doesn’t follow Cupclick’s Facebook page (and by the way, go follow me there! :P), I have been away for some time to recover from a surgery. But now everything is fine and I’m returning to normal routine around here.

Today I’m bringing you Maria Eduarda’s birthday party pictures. For real, my photographing comeback couldn’t have been better!

The party was beautiful and Duda is the sweetest kid! I have never seen such a spontaneous kid. Of course, I fell in love for her <3

The party’s theme was Alice in Wonderland, and It was perfect in every detail. It was an afternoon full of playing and fun. Does it sound cliche? Well, but fun really is the word that describes this party. And I’m not only speaking for the guests, who had a great time, but also for me, for having the pleasure to spend my afternoon capturing those moments.

I am very thankful for Marta and Olavo for trusting and giving me the opportunity of capturing this very special moment of your life! I loved it!

Check out some of the photos (yep, this is a huge post ):

If you are looking for a birthday party photographer just send me an email, contact@cupclickphoto.com or call 587 429-2684.

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