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Baby Milestones Session – Newborn Photographer in Calgary


Hello there!

Here we are again showing new photos of Daniel’s development.

As you already know, I have been photographing Daniel since his Newborn Session and now he is a 9-month-baby already!

If you still don’t know him,  click at this link to check out all Danny’s sessions and how cute he is since he was a newborn!


He is standing by himself, climbing the stairs and he is already aware of some parts of the body when we ask for example: “Where is daddy’s nose?” and he grabs Fernando’s nose. It’s so cute!

This session took place in December so of course, we also captured a few moments of his first Christmas season (so adorable ! )

These are my favorites pics from this session. I hope you guys enjoy and I will come back with more when he turns 12 months old!

If you are looking for a milestone photographer just send me an email, contact@cupclickphoto.com or call 587 429-2684.


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