Daniel, 6 months – Baby’s First Memories, Photographer Calgary – AB

Baby Milestone Session – Baby Photographer in Calgary


Hello there!

I’m updating the blog here with many beautiful photos this week!
In this post, we have this lovely session with new photos of Daniel.

6 month! My favorite time for baby pictures. When they usually can sit by themselves, start eating solid foods and smile easily.

Danny already does all these things with mastery

Actually, there are lots of new things this little guy is experiencing! Stepping on grass, eating baby food and playing with his furry-brother, Arco.

If you still don’t know him, click at this link to check out all Danny’s sessions and how cute he is since he was a newborn!

These are my favorites pics from Daniel’s previous session. I hope you guys enjoy and I will come back for more then he will be 9  (Any doubt he will be even more cute? )

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