Christmas (not mini) Sessions in Calgary – The Sparrow family

Christmas Photo Session in Calgary, Cupclick Making Christmas Memories


I always ask my clients, What memories are you making for your children?

Christmas is a great time to have your family photos taken because it’s time to remember the important things we have in our lives, right?

But I ask you, why go to a studio where you don’t have any bonding with that place to take your family portrait? 


Cupclick Making Christmas Memories is way more than an opportunity to have your family photo for your Christmas Card. You also will have pictures of candid moments with your family that will definitely tell your Christmas Story!

I bet your children’s favorite photo won’t be that classic family picture with cheese-smile, but that one that keeps fonding memories with their parents, siblings and pets.


Take a look at this gallery with photos I took for the Sparrow family. Any doubts that Will and Tom will cherish these photos when they get older?




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