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Baby Milestones Photography, why to hire a professional baby photographer

Hello everyone!

It took me a while, but I finally made a post where I specially talk about Baby Milestones Photography photography.

In my opinion, this is a very cool child photography branch. It represents the children’s very first year of life, that goes by so fast and it’s so precious.

In 2014, I had the pleasure to every two months keep up with Manuela, and monthly with Mark. For both the families and for me, it is so enjoyable to closely watch the growth of the babies, since they are so soft and dependent, until they already are 12 months old, where they are already discovering everything around them and the smiling distribution together with spontaneity are constant.


Baby’s First Memories can happen trimonthly, bimonthly, and monthly.

The sessions take place inside the family’s home, maintaining the Lifestyle Photography, in other words, showing life the way it is.

It captures the first moments of the baby, since the first arrival at home, the first baby food, first tooth, first bath, and so on. After the sixth month we even take a chance to go to parks, grandma’s cottage, and other outside places.

The picture speaks for itself, right? <3

You can check out this video with some moments of the first year of Mark. As I kept up monthly with him, so the material I could assemble in this media can show how lovely is this way of register the first year of a newly formed family <3

If you are looking for a Baby Milestones photographer just send me an email, or call 587 429-2684.

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