A morning with the Elias family – Family Lifestyle Photography, Calgary AB

A morning with the Elias family – Family Lifestyle Photography, Calgary AB


Happy new year everyone! I wish your 2018 to be even more sweet and inspiring!

Today I’m presenting you a lifestyle photoshoot of a lovely family.

Lifestyle photography, as its name suggests, is about capturing life the way it is. Those photos that you will check out after a few years, and revive all the good memories, that house you used to live, the toys that uncle gave to your son we he was born, that habit your little one used to have, like climbing the couch. Memories you will unlock every time you revisit those pictures.

Today I’m showing you how Elias family is. We assembled the Christmas three listening to Mommy Finger, a song that made Davi stop what he was doing to dance the song’s choreography.

After that we had a lot of fun at the play room, and then, the sun decided to shine. So we made a picnic at the house’s backyard. The kids had a blast with the morning schedule. Elisa could even pick a strawberry from her garden!

Later, at Elisa’s bed, the whole family was reunited to play guitar and sing songs . Everything was so full of union and synergy. The family’s essence was being framed in each capture.

I’m so thankful for Dani and Kleger for trusting me. It was so nice to capture your energy

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