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Children are sweet and delicate, like cupcakes.

"Cupclick" is a mix of two words: Cupcake + click, which is the sound that a camera makes when it captures a moment.

I had this idea in the shower (like the most of my ideas!). I liked how this “newly invented word“ sounded.

Cupclick began as a project, which means that it was supposed to have an end. I enjoyed practicing photography with my friend's children so I scheduled some sessions with them.

I loved shooting children so much that I have not stopped since <3

Nowadays, Cupclick is the mark of my development as a photographer and as a person. I learn every day with every contact with the little ones and their parents.

In this scenery of sweetness and love that surrounds pregnant women, babies and children is where I like to be. It is infinitely worthy to me to be able to capture important moments in families lives that will be with them forever :)

Who is behind Cupclick?

It's me, Hafa!
My name is Rafaela but you can call me Hafa, which is my nickname since I was a kid (and I know, it is easier to pronounce 😉 ) . I'm brazilian and I have been taking children portraits since 2013.

Now I live in Calgary, AB and I invite you to make your story even more memorable with beautiful pictures that will last forever.

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