Waiting for Lavínia – Maternity Photography – Calgary AB

Waiting for Lavínia – Maternity Photography, Calgary AB

This is such a special post!

Naédllyn is a good friend of mine from high school. André came to her life just a few months later, right after she and I met. And that was when our friendship grew stronger! We’ve been friends since then.

What a great couple! And just to think that very soon their baby will be around… whoa, my heart is full of love just to think about it! <3

Beyond photographing friends, to capture moments like that, the waiting for a tiny little person who will just change everything in their life, makes me speechless. The sudden and powerful effect it has, it’s just huge.

Naédllyn, André, you know I wish all the greatest things for you three, and that your little girl comes to this world full of health and prosperity.

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