Miguel turned 2 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB

Miguel turned 2 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB


I can’t believe it’s already been two years since Miguel, was born! It seems like only yesterday I was taking pictures of that cute and smiling baby, and now he is a little boy, looking for blowing out his birthday candles!

This party was very special, as it was chosen based on Miguel’s enjoyment for music. Since very little, he always had a thing for rhythm, and what really impressed me now, is that he is even more sensitive for music.

Ever since he was a baby boy, he knew how to hold a guitar in the correct position. And at his birthday party, he won his very first “real” instrument: an ukulele (and comparing it with Mig’s size, we could call it a tiny guitar lol). He loved it! And wouldn’t let it go for any second.

It was so nice seeing him so confident playing it! I am pretty sure that there is a hidden talent right there. And with Miguel‘s parents stimulating him, there’s no doubt he will be an artist!

Vanessa, Everton, thank you again for trusting me. The party was beautiful! It is a pleasure for me to see Miguel growing up and being a part of it by capturing some of your family’s moments.

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