Julia turned 2 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB

Julia turned 2 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB


Julia celebrated her second birthday in a cheerful party! And with a beautiful and nostalgic theme, specially for Brazilians: Monica’s Gang
The greatest thing in a children’s birthday party is when the kids really have the time of their life! Good thing is: Julia enjoyed everything so much!

Of course, there were some crucial elements: trampoline and chocolate!

Really, you can’t believe how excited this little one was as soon as she saw the trampoline. Just didn’t want to get of anymore lol.
There was plenty of space to explore and play that she didn’t have time to take a break: Julia, the explorer was revealed that day. She even took a chance on playing ping pong (haha).

Oh, and how delightful it is to capture such happy and significant moments in those little one’s life. How priceless those birthday photos in Calgary will be for her in the future, right?

Fabi and Everton, thank you again for trusting me.

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