Helena turned 5 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB

Helena turned 5 – Birthday Party Photography, Calgary AB


Today we got a lovely post!

Those are the pictures I captured from Helena, at her fifth birthday party. And she chose a party theme that I personally looove: The Beauty and the Beast!

This is a so dear family and having the chance to closely watch Helena growing up so smart and lively is amazing! <3

That party was all about the fun. Full of her little friends, smiles everywhere and good energy. Her family was also there, warmly singing Happy Birthday, to the most beautiful princess from that kingdom.

Closely being with kids at her age is so nice! I always come home with a big smile on my face

Thank you for trusting me, Liciane and Jair. It was a pleasure to capture another Helena’s birthday party.

Check out some of my faves:

If you are looking for a birthday party photographer just send me an email, contact@cupclickphoto.com or call 587 429-2684.

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